Friday, May 2, 2014

What are Face Serums

By Andrea Hamilton

A facial serum is a liquid cosmetic product applied to the face and neck. It has a very high share of active ingredients which penetrate and nourish deep into the skin. These ingredients change depending to the purpose it is meant for and are formulated differently to suit several types of skin. A face serum is typically used as a part of a beauty program with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.


Anti-aging creams and serums contain vitamin C which lifts and firms skin; increases flexibility which smoothens out wrinkles and slight lines; and protects against harmful free radicals. Serums for dry skin contain hylauronic acid, a hydrating compound. Added to it may be rosemary, chamomile and almond oil. For the best results these serums are best used in combination with a moisturizer. Oily skin serums hold rosehip oil which help fade acne marks. Other concentrates include peppermint, calendula, lavender, aloe and cucumber. Ultimately, there are serums for the thin fragile skin round the eyes.

Facial Serums vs Moisturisers

The are 2 differences of these cosmetic products. First is the bigger size of molecules in moisturising lotions. This aids them to only penetrate the topmost layer of the skin in contrast to serums which can hydrate down to the 3rd layer. Moisturising lotions are excellent for sealing in moisture and are therefore used after a serum when the two are used together. Second is the higher proportion of ingredients in serums which make them perfect foreliminating many skin issues.


Facial serums are best applied just before going to bed. Allowing the skin to soak up them and regenerate all-night. Your face or neck is washed first, with a cleanser before the rubbing of 1 or 2 drops of the serum into the damp skin. Only a little is needed due to the serum's high concentration.


Serums can become oxidized and rancid, a process evidenced by a change in colour. Don't forget that such products will harm the skin.

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