Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Best Reasons To Buy A Dual USB Car Charger

By Johny Jacson

Most of us can't survive a day without using a cell phone. It has become an important part of our everyday life since it connects us to our loved ones and to people from all parts of the world. Because of the popularity of mobile devices, there are plenty of accessories today specially designed to complement these gadgets.

Well, this does not really applies to all of us but we can generally say that we do favour items that allow us to enjoy freedom and mobility.

For this reason, modern-day products such as laptops, PDAs, on-the-go WiFi connections, and even the ever-reliable cell phones are expected to continue dominating much of our lives. We love to enjoy our mobility because for many of us, being free means being able to maximize what life has to offer us.

1. You never want to run out of battery power again.

Yes, this is one thing that we all should avoid: a gadget that won't [work|function] simply because you have not charged it enough.

2) Belt Clip

As simple as it may seem, a belt clip actually comes in handy during travel since it allows you to move comfortably while keeping your mobile device fastened securely to your belt. The accessory utilizes a locking mechanism so you don't have to worry about losing your cell phone, and you don't have to put your phone uncomfortably in your pocket each time you walk outside.

If you still do not have such a charger, what qualities should you look for? Here are some tips to guide you on your USB car charger shopping...

First, choose a charger that allows you to charge not one but two gadgets at the same time. Not only that, it would also be smart to choose a charger that powers up your gadgets fast.

That automatically means 5 chargers and a much heavier bag. With a dual USB car charger, you need not bother yourself with the excess weight, bulk and inconvenience.

There's no time wasted especially since when modern people like to have things fast and easy.

While a dual USB car charger powers a cell phone's battery, a magnetic amplified antenna boosts phone signal. If you constantly worry about weak signals while driving, this accessory can help improve the reception in areas with poor signals. You can make fast and clear phone calls even if you're far away from home.

5) Antenna Booster

Third, it is best to choose a universal charger - one that can be used on different devices such as Android tablets, mobile phones, iPods or iPads. This would free you from a big bulk in your travel bag or from lots of useless cables.

These are just some of the key qualities you can look for when shopping for a new portable car charger. After all, such items might be mundane but they are quite useful especially when you want to maximize what life and modernity have to offer you.

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