Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get A Free Information On Public Criminal Records

By Ben Kingsley

There are a lot of criminals roaming freely on the streets. Despite the presence of law enforcers, they still find ways to push through with their evil plans. In an attempt to increase security, states - including Indiana- made it legal for any member of the general public to request access to a criminal record. Having access to Indiana Criminal Records keeps the citizens informed as to whom they should not associate themselves with. Employers, landlords, or ordinary citizens can get some useful information from the records.

The records come in handy for doing background checks on certain people. It contains a lot of valuable pieces of information because it is a compilation of several different records such as police reports, arrest records, traffic violations, etc. In order for you to start a search, you have to know the full name of the person whose records you want to find. Whether you are doing an online or offline search, providing a full name is important. However, there are some cases where a person has common name. In cases like this, the search will reveal a broad list of results. To narrow down the results, you have to be able to provide additional pieces of information about the owner of the records like the address, a birthday, an occupation and the likes.

Requesting your own criminal documents is permitted by the government. Just like requesting the document of other people, you also have to place a forma l request to access your own criminal documents. This is encouraged so that you can check if the details included on your documents are true and accurate. If you find anything that you think is neither true nor accurate, you can request to the appropriate office to either correct them or delete them. If for example you are proven innocent of the case filed against you, your documents will be kept away from the public to protect your reputation.

To place a formal request, you have to complete the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the official website of the Indiana Police Department. Once you have completed the form, you can send it to the department along with corresponding payments. Payments are paid either by a certified check or by money order. The return period for criminal files requests usually take a couple of weeks so be ready to wait. If it so happens that the file you requested for is being used for a case that is still being investigated, it is possible that the department will not grant you access to them.

If you want to look for other ways to obtain the records, you can look for various service providers online. There are several service providers that have the authorization from the court to provide the records to the public, upon request. However, be careful in choosing which one to use because bogus service providers exist. Determine the credibility of a service provider by making a quick background check. Find out about what other users are saying about them and their service.

Not knowing which state to search for the Criminal Records you want to get your hands on is a serious problem. Thankfully, there are websites where you can perform a nationwide search with. Some of such websites render fees for their service, but if you are lucky enough, you can also find some where you can perform a search for free.

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