Friday, May 16, 2014

Creative Writing Website And Programs In Universities

By Minnie Whitley

Creative inscription has greatly been encouraged in the universities in the recent years. To make the course more interesting and adventurous students have been exposed to creative writing website which has contributed greatly to their success in this field. The site enables one to explore different forms of fiction, learn various craft skills, get experience, connect and work with other students, authors and tutors.

When one explores the methods, skills and techniques used in previous works, their knowledge and creativity is enhanced. It also enables learners be motivated, gain experience and acquire ideas that they can use in their own work. The site prepares those venturing in the field for challenges they will encounter through exposing the difficulties that past authors encountered. For example the sites expose the difficulties in characterization, narrative voice and plot that are faced when publishing.

A major characteristic of a good writer is, he is a friend to writing sites. He is keen on the various types of fiction and how authors have used them in their writings. A good writer should also be interested in reading the writings of successful authors. He should be interested to research about their lifestyle and history in the world of fiction. A student is only allowed to use the ideas from other materials to come up with their own original works and not copy paste.

Creative inscription involves a study in other fields hence students pursuing the course are highly encouraged to take another one alongside. This is because they get most of their ideas from other fields and incorporate them in their works. Again this keeps them engaged which is a characteristic of a good author.

The website has contributed to learning creative inscription in different ways. Some of this ways include; It has helped develop craft skills in poetry, radio, new media and performance writing. Students have been able to identify successful authors that can mentor them as they publish and perform their work. Again it has helped students gain practical and technical skills. Also it has enabled them to gain courage to receive constructive criticism and work with other people.

Universities encourage students to make it their custom to explore past fiction materials. This is used a tool to trigger interest among student so that they venture in the field. This is possible because most of the testimonials of great authors have it that before they realized they were good writers they had made it their habit to read works of various authors.

Tutors tell their students that if they realize they are creative and have an interest in reading and writing then the world of fiction can never disappoint them. The secret of success in this field is interest and a tradition of reading. Most celebrated writers had made a studying literature their custom.

Once a student has cultivated a habit of reading it will be easy for tutors to bring the best out them. Such students only require support and guidance then with time they will be effective writers in poetry, drama and journals among others.

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