Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Evolution Of Juice Packs: Iphone 5S Battery Case

By Johny Jacson

Generally, batteries are known as a power source, but are very complex in form, as it has different electrochemical cells stored inside them intended for a specific use. There are a variety of batteries with each a significant role. To begin with, there are two kinds that are common to all.

manufacturers, there's got to be a long list in mind. When you talk about iPhone accessories manufacturers, chances are, you can only name a few. But when you narrow to the iPhone 5s Battery Case manufacturers, the likings are next to none. Why would you need to know anyway, even if you own one?

Today, many people rely on them than most common electric source that runs on a plug. Some types that are more popular than the rest as they're the ones used most often are Alkaline, for small handheld devices; Lead-acid, for car engines and motors; and Lithium-ion, ideal for portable consumer gadgets.

Among these types, one has become widely used with the proliferation of wireless phones. Specifically popularized by the iPhone, the lithium-ion uses a fast charge that completes in about two hours up to a usable capacity. But this is more expensive since it has a certain lifespan and Apple made theirs built into the phones so they're the only ones who can replace it.

The iPhone 5s battery case is designed to conveniently charge your phone without the need of an outlet, in other words an external battery source. Most of the cases available are compatible with iPhones 5 and 5s because the 5c has a totally different case design. One of the best models available now is the Vority X5S iPhone 5 and 5S Battery

The solar powered charger, as the name suggests, runs on solar power. When you're outdoors with no luck of a charging station, you can rely on the good old sun to help you out. Some chargers of this kind come in a form of a case with solar panels that collects sunlight and converts them to electricity to power up the iPhone 5s.

Since the battery is a major issue, they developed an alternative source of power supply like the Power Banks and the iPhone 5s Battery Cases. Both external batteries supply the iPhone 5s with extra juice when outdoors or an area deprived of outlets.

It also features a kickstand which enables you to watch videos in landscape view conveniently. All the ports can be easily accessed so you can benefit from unhindered iphone usage.

An iPhone 5s battery case can provide 1500mAh to 2100mAh power supply in protective thin cases that one would hardly notice being there. It works by slipping the iPhone 5s inside the case down to the lighting connector and instantly prolongs the lifespan of the battery when switched on. Plus, it's easier to carry around, unlike the power bank, which needs a cable to connect it with that makes it prone to damage to both the external battery and the lightning cable.

Just imagine the hassle when the iPhone is dying and an emergency call is needed, a power bank on one hand and the iPhone 5s on the other while the cord is dangling around. Not a nice picture. But with the iPhone 5s battery case, it can be carried around anywhere, easier to use, and not as bulky as the first. It slips on sweat pants when it's time for a morning run and never have to worry again if the cord is attached because of movements.

Having a spare iPhone 5s battery around when you're on the go can be such a relief, but having the best one there is surely is satisfaction guaranteed. So if you undervalue these things before, time to exercise your judgment and pay attention. Put your learning into good use and opt for the best iPhone 5s Battery Case wisely.

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