Friday, May 23, 2014

North Carolina Criminal Records Updated Copy Online

By Ben Kingsley

An arrest report is automatically made or issued to individuals who have violated the norms of the state or the country. Residents of North Carolina can easily request for a copy of North Carolina arrest records. This type of document is made open for public access which means that the local residents have the freedom to request it anytime if they have a need for it.

Conducting a criminal background check is one of the most common reasons for accessing such document in North Carolina. It is an important document required when processing immigration, licensure, college admission and job application. Most employers now conduct a regular background check on their people and would require applicants to undergo a background check prior to hiring. This helps the business to avoid potential problems. Local residents of the state would also look into this document to verify the identity of the people that they see every day. Investigators would also refer to this document when they are investigating a criminal case.

Making the arrest records open to the public benefits many individuals, however, it becomes a problem to the one who has a criminal history and is already a changed man. Landing a good job is difficult for them because of their past records. Some have felt they were treated differently by their colleagues. With this, the state of North Carolina helps such individuals by restricting the access to employers. Employers are only allowed to use the information on the arrest record if it is directly related to the job.

Although the North Carolina Criminal arrest records are considered as public documents, only authorized individuals and law enforcers are given access. One can also view their personal arrest files. Private individuals or any third party who wishes to view the criminal history of other people should have a valid reason and authority before they can be allowed access to the files. When one is requesting for their personal files, necessary forms and documents may need to be submitted. This would include a duly accomplished request from and identification card or birth certificate. Fees would vary depending on where the request was made.

All of the criminal records including the arrest files of North Carolina are managed by the State Bureau of Investigation. The local county court house also keeps records of crimes that have been reported locally. This means that the court house can only provide information about the crimes that took place in their jurisdiction. Mail request is also allowed and can be sent to both offices but it would not be the fastest method in getting a copy of an arrest record in the state of North Carolina.

The Internet has made the arrest records public access easier. By doing the search online, one no longer needs to go to any office. The search can be done anywhere that has Internet connection. One simply needs to log on to a website that offers such service and fill out the online form with necessary information to do the search and in just a few seconds the results of the search can be obtained. This makes the search hassle free and fast. One can even take advantage of the free search offered by some websites.

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