Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast

By Marci Glover

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social websites. In just a few years, the site already boasts of over one hundred million monthly active users. Over forty one million photos shared each single day. On top of these, there is also more than eight million likes per second. The above data makes it a perfect place for any business person to advertise their business. However, before you can successfully advertise your business on instagram, you need to have real and active followers. Here are ways to get more followers on instagram fast for your newly created account.

Timing is very crucial in increasing your popularity in any social website. Before you post your photo, there are two things that you should keep in mind; your audience time zone and the time they login. Most users login in the morning and on their way from work or school. So these are the two best times to post your pictures.

You must only post your best photos. This is very important especially if you starting a new account. You need to dedicate time and put together 10 to 20 photos that please you the most and use them as your base portfolio. These photos should catch the attention of other instagrammers and could put you on path for some decent fans.

Linking your account with your other social website accounts like facebook and twitter is also likely to yield positive outcome. This is because your photos will also be viewed by all your friends in these other accounts. You can also like photos that are of your niche. Common interest is likely to get you the right class of fans.

You should also make your account public. The need for authorization can turn away many fans that just putter around and are not interested in anything particular. Many people will become your fans simply because they liked a random photo that you posted. However, if the photo is hidden, they will not be able to see it.

You also need to be active on your side and engage the fans that you already have. Most people seem to be too concerned with attracting new fans that they tend to forget the importance audience engagement. It is better you have few active fans than have many but dormant ones.

Even though using hashtags is one trick that works, you should avoid hashtags on spam. People try so much to tag their photos with every available hashtags with hope of getting more exposure. You are free to use relevant hashtags but you should avoid being spammy.

Getting fans to follow you is obviously challenging. And since it needs you to invest a lot of time and attention, just remember to be polite and active, it creates image of a very friendly person. If you intend to use instagram for business advertisement, this is even more important as these followers are also likely to be your clients.

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