Monday, May 19, 2014

Facebook & The Potential Mobile Impact By An Online Marketing Firm

By Robbie Sutter

As of late, Facebook unveiled version 10.0 of its mobile app and I believe that it's safe to say that it has drawn quite a bit of attention. It's clear as to why this app is continually built upon, especially with Facebook seemingly bringing its focus onto the mobile front as opposed to anything else. Seeing as how most people are on the move, apps should be developed and improved over the course of time. With Facebook's 10.0 version of its iOS app, though, a number of features were implemented.

Amongst the features that were added to the app, the one that stood out to me was the changes in how messages are sent. Let's say that you decide to post a message on Facebook but you find yourself in a place with a weaker connection, like an airplane. In any case, if you send a message in this scenario but arrive at a location where a connection is prevalent, the message in question will be sent out in that moment. It's a handy addition to a program that's commonly utilized.

It is also one of the additions that any online marketing firm can focus on. After all, it's worth keeping in mind that firms such as fishbat recognize the importance of Facebook, whether or not it is used in the mobile sense. However, the mobile front is seemingly where Facebook is driving its attention towards. With this said, though, there are a couple of features that did not exactly meet the mark with many users and much of this comes from the way that the news feed has changed.

More than anything else, the way in which news is displayed on the app has to be talked about. Instead of stories being sorted via the "Most Recent" filter, they will instead be positioned on the news feed based on how popular they are. Keep in mind that the setting can be changed over to "Most Recent" if a step-by-step process is followed through with. With this in mind, though, how many casual users will actually take it upon themselves to make the change if this setting isn't visible to begin with?

Overall, the latest Facebook update has been met with a mixed response, at best. Users desire freedom when it comes to the apps that they utilize, so companies should not make the mistake of taking certain aspects away. Those who are knowledgeable about social media will see that something is off and those who are new to social media might be turned away as well. I can only hope that the next update is one that will be able to please everyone who uses smartphones.

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