Sunday, May 18, 2014

Collaboration Fiction Leads To Better Work

By Minnie Whitley

This refers to projects where written materials are produced by two or more persons rather than individually. The main reason for collaboration fiction is to come up with something of greater quality. A group people are able to create more and better quality than a single person would do. In this type of cooperation each contributor has an equal right to edit, add and remove parts of the writing.

In joint writing the effort of one author to make a change triggers other to make critiques or changes too. In this kind of setting it is easy to work towards production of an outstanding material if all the partners have a common goal in mind. Before a group can start working together it is vital they understand that the sore reason for collaborating is to produce better quality work.

There are a number of collaboration writing patterns depending on how writers organize themselves. This article exposes two main; an individual writer can conduct research or discussion then review it with his coworkers and upon a point of agreement produce the document. The other pattern is where two or more writers collaborate and work jointly to produce a story, document or a book.

In the recent years this form of fiction has been applied in various fields. Some of them include; adult literacy programs, research by doctors and academic co- authoring. The method is becoming more popular and is being adopted in more fields. For example in classroom it has used to promote learner centered programs. This has been successful and improved the performance of students.

Collaborative fiction has various benefits. This articles majors in a few main advantages of working as a group. Most importantly its helps authors strengthen their skills. This is achieved through reading more, working in good time to meet the time frame allocated, welcoming critiques in writing and reaching a point of agreement will all colleagues before any work is produced.

It helps an author build a platform to receive help and help other people. It is likely than when you help someone there is a high probability that when you need their help they will not turn their back on you. There are two main ways through which an author can help the other party, this can be directly or indirect. An example of an indirect manner is to help share fan pages in social sites or even like a post. Most likely your colleagues and other people notice this generosity and next time they will promote you.

Working jointly, pushes writers to meet deadlines. Every time one is expected to submit new pages to his group or working with an editor they then to work more to meet the given time frame. Hence cooperating with others in the field ensure one writes better, more and often.

Working with other writers helps shun the green monitor. The ugly truth that many writers avoid is that they feel jealous of those successful in the field. There is a high probability that when you collaborate with others jealous cannot come in.

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