Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Regarding The Facts Of Pre Planning Funeral

By Amy Chan

Making a list of the details one wishes to have observed upon their death is a wise choice. Doing so makes it more likely that final arrangements will be according to one's tastes and it will also take much pressure off of grieving survivors. Pre need funeral planning does require a little bit of caution.

The first thing to remember is that making plans before they are needed does not necessarily mean making payments as well. It is more about making sure others are aware of one's personal likes and dislikes regarding the various aspects of this event and its traditions. This is a chance to state specifics about everything from flowers to interment practices.

Paying ahead poses several risks that should be addressed with caution. The most common is that businesses close or change hands, people move and their circumstances become altered. Take care to verify that any contract states whether funds are refundable or transferable in such instances.

It is generally recommended that one purchase life insurance policies for this purpose or set up an account with the funds dedicated to the arrangements. Review contracts with great care, checking all of the details to make sure everything is perfectly clear. If money is to be involved, consulting one's attorney is always a wise choice.

The main purpose of such plans is to let others know one's personal preferences involving burial arrangements. The burden of making such decisions is removed from grieving survivors and they will not feel the pressure of having to make too many decisions. It is like an instruction manual that those responsible for the events to follow.

For best results, make sure one or more people are aware of what plans have been made and that they have access to the papers. These individuals can be members of one's family, a dear friend or an attorney. Wills and bank vaults are not advisable storage places as many of those are not read or opened until after the person is buried.

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