Sunday, May 18, 2014

Misconceptions About Using Instagram For Marketing

By Armando Rodriguez

There are over 90 million instagram followers. This is a clear indication that the service scores high among other photo sharing applications. Some businesses buy instagram followers to boost the presence of the products in the virtual or online market. However, some fear exists about the service instigated by misconceptions about it.

The common belief that the service only works for those people who sell visual products is misplaced. It is time businesses pounce on this opportunity as chance to innovate valuable, appealing or entertaining images that will attract their followers. Even if you are not in the business that deals in visual products, there is room to sell the goodwill of your employees, celebrations, merchandise and culture among other good things about your business.

Some businesses also think that the service is only meant for big brands. The truth is that some small businesses are doing well, have even featured on its blog, and are enjoying the coverage. A few artists and vendors have even attested to the fact that it helps them in generating leads.

It is common for people around the world to think that you can only use the service for posting photos as opposed to other social networks. However, this is far from true given that it supports communication just like the other brands. This means brands have the ability to leverage user-generated content by way of photo contests and special campaigns.

There are is another belief among businesses that unlike other social media platforms, results of the service cannot be measured. This one stopped long time ago since there are now other applications installed on the application like SumAll, stratigram, nitrogram and static among others that can be used to analyze results. To assess the success of the presence of your brand on the service, track the metrics of your account and those of its community.

Instagram does not sell photos uploaded by its users. This belief was brought by the confusion in the general terms and conditions that have now been revised. The idea behind this misconception is that the general terms and conditions gave the social site legal ability to sell your photos. The general terms and conditions are now clear on this and you should not have any reason to believe so.

The service is not a preserve of technocrats and computer engineers as some businesses think. It is not a complex application as it incorporates friendly user interfaces just like other social networking sites. Uploading a photo is done just the same way one does it with Facebook, YouTube or twitter. There is therefore nothing therefore complex in its usage.

Another misconception is that only teens and young adults are the ones who are really meant to use the service. It has links with other social applications like YouTube and twitter with an equally large audience. Consider using the service for your marketing strategies. Using this social media site will certainly improve your brand popularity.

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