Friday, May 23, 2014

The Best Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Listings

By Marci Glover

Over the past decade or so the housing market has experienced some significant ups and downs. For some this has resulted in huge gains, but for others it has meant devastating losses. The overall result of this situation is that both buyers and sellers now need to be more market savvy. It is not so easy to sell a home any more and securing a mortgage can be quite a challenge, even for those with excellent credit.

Everyone now has to view property deals in a very different light. Instead of assuming that prices will just continue to rise, people are now aware that this is often not going to be the case and are hesitant to pay for a home that may decline in value. The entire North American market has been hit by this situation and the Greater Toronto area real estate listings are equally affected.

Sales have slowed down significantly and first time buyers are now much harder to find. It is in fact these buyers who really fuel the market. If the new buyers are not active nobody can really move up the housing chain. Those who are ready to move out of the first home and into something bigger cannot do so. The entire market stalls out and people become very frustrated. Those who really do need to sell often let their home go at a rock bottom price, simply so they can move on with their lives.

Confidence in the market is a crucial factor. The Toronto, ON Realtors have seen some promising sales figures in the past year or so. This is great news for home owners who may be thinking about listing their property. It is best to set up an appointment to meet with an experienced local agent and find out how much the home is realistically worth. Those looking for a fast sale must be careful not to over price their property.

One of the best ways to get a bargain in the competitive Toronto market is to consider buying a fixer home. These are properties that require some work. This can vary tremendously between something that just needs some new paint and a few cosmetic improvements to a house that needs to be totally overhauled from top to bottom.

Homes in well established city neighborhoods still hold their price. Many families are looking for just this type of property. Quiet streets, good schools, parks and shopping will always be popular. A large well maintained house will draw many interested parties and a quick sale.

Homes in well established Toronto, ON family neighborhoods are always in demand. There is typically a waiting list of buyers for three to four bedroom homes on quiet streets in good school districts. They often command the highest prices and sell in a matter of days instead of weeks.

There is also a lively market for down town condominiums and apartments. These are very appealing to young professionals. There is no extra work to take care of and building maintenance is usually covered by a monthly fee. An on site gym or pool is also an advantage.

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