Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Of The Benefits You Should Know Regarding Free Smileys

By Lila Bryant

For the past years of telecommunication, it has been tested that messages are more likely to be read and understood when emotions from the sender or writer is expressed in images, rather than in plain boring texts and narratives. Free smileys are just one of the ways to express someone's emotion in a message.

These rounded images that initially came in color yellow break the monotony and boredom that the reader might experience just by looking at the textual message he or she is about to read. Website developers, who are most probably a team composed of visual artists, created a website specially designed to provide these emoticons.

These emoticons aren't just characters you key in semi colons and colons followed by a closed or open parenthesis. Enhancements on these characters have been brought in as consumers find it exciting to integrate additional characters in the text apart from letters.

Today, as social media has dominated most of the communications and online connections among people, it's very important to imply messages through images as words can sometimes be taken with different meanings. The development of animated emoticons, also known as emoticons or smiley faces is widely used to convey emotions and feelings, even without seeing the actual facial reaction of the message sender.

These sequence of printable characters are fun to behold or make the the reader feel the information the sender is seeking to put across. There're many of these characters you can find online. They're normally categorized, for example emotions and actions they're trying to show.

These sequence of printable characters include but not limited to colored emoticons, angel emoticons, angry emoticons, ashamed and blushing, bouncing emoticons, character emoticons, emoticons doing their chores and/or working computer emoticons, cool, dancing, confused emoticons, devil emoticons, eating & drinking emoticons, sleeping, excited, farting, emoticons with flags. There are also animated, greetings emoticons, happy emoticons, horror, sad emoticons, hugging emoticons, laughing emoticons, in-love emoticons, musical emoticons, rolling eyes emoticons, RPG emoticons, scary emoticons, emoticons with score cards, shocked emoticons, sick emoticons, signing emoticons, sports, sporty emoticons, talking emoticons, thinking emoticons, traveling emoticons, whacky faces, violent emoticons and zodiac signs emoticons.

There are also websites wherein you can create your own personal and customized emoticons. If you know basic html designs and some character threading online, you can create your own free smiley and have you friends use them in their forums and comments. You can also search for emoticons already available online. All you have to do is open a website of emoticons and type the description of the smiley you are looking for on the search tab and the site will search the right smiley for you - for free!

These emoticons are widely used in social media forums, comments boxes, articles, and other online media. They commonly come in GIF format, some are static, some are animated but they are all fun and are easy to add to forum posts and sigs, social networking sites. If you want to have a vault of these emoticons on your own computer, you can also download and save them on. They are also available for downloads for your smartphone.

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