Friday, May 2, 2014

Lean Six Sigma Requirements For Every Belt Level

By Tracie Knight

Quality is a very important word in the world of work. These days the value of a thing or even a person can be measure by the quality of service rendered. Since competition among companies is at its peak, most employers are looking for future team players that are motivated and functions well. To be above the cut, you have to prove your quality.

Due to this, more and more employees have realized the importance of incorporating the lean six sigma strategy to improve production. Lean six sigma Houston is a managerial and production concept that aims in overall customer value by combining two notable strategies, which are the lean marketing method and six sigma method. Expertise is achieved as employees go through belts or levels. These levels are white, yellow, green, black and master black belts just like in karate.

Lean marketing is derived from the fabrication process utilized by a know company that manufactures cars. It is a well developed way of thinking that is totally focused on the reduction of waste processes to give quality products. This brand of marketing tactics eliminates the methods that do not add value to the desired output but instead eats up valuable time, effort and resources.

Six sigma, on the other hand, is a strategy used to improve the quality of operational processes. It focuses on coming up with precise and uniform processes as a way of eliminating defects in manufacturing of products. It is also a brain child strategy of another well know auto company.

Together, the lean six sigma strategy is the best way for optimum product growth. Employees must prove themselves worthy by obtaining belts, the lowest of which is white. This status means that the employee is still being slowly introduced to the program. Employees from this level are novices that may have to still undergo long series of workshops to give them an idea of what a belt holder employee should be like in the work force.

After that comes the yellow belt. This second status features employees who are aware and can put to practice their knowledge of the concept of production improvisation. To be a yellow group employee one just has to actively participate in an improvement task and pass the LSSSA YB test.

A green belt employee has had at least three years of experience. They work under supervision by a black belt employee and is involved in quality improvement projects. Like the yellow holders they do not lead a project. To become one you must pass an LSSSA GB exam and present proven participation in a project.

The black belt employee is someone who has successfully lead an entire team in a project. This project must surpass the qualifications set by the company. To become an employee in this ranking, one must hurdle through a LSSSA BB exam.

You must not stop there, because the master black belt level awaits you. These are the people with more than three years of black belt experience. They have also passed the LSSSA MBB test. MBB holders guide and train green and black belts in the successful completion of a project. To be able to acquire your desired status as professional in your chosen field, you have to prepare for the test given by creditors from Houston TX, amongst others, and successfully pass each one.

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