Sunday, May 11, 2014

Can Anybody Be A Bookkeeper?

By Sue Whyte

Isn?t book keeping just plugging 1 or 2 figures into a PC program?

In a word, NO!

It never fails to amaze me what quantity of folks out there and in business think that all bookkeepers do is enter figures into a PC programme which then wonderfully spits out an ideal set of accounts.

Hmm, if only!!

Book-keeping, or in a sense good bookkeeping, is a lot more concerned than merely pumping numbers into a programme and it's a misguided a real long shot notion that bookkeepers are just glorified info entry operators! Good bookkeepers will be a handy asset to your business. Good bookkeepers know how to enter figures into a PC program correctly, or write up a ledger, but as significantly, they know exactly where and how those figures should be entered.

Attempting to unravel a mess that a non-bookkeeper has made is a long thing! It?s something that we at Bookkeeper?s Base do all of the time. Sadly for many entrepreneurs it isn?t till a they're in a state of despair because they haven't any notion of what is happening in their business.

Seem all too familiar??

Personally, it gives me and my team a wonderful sensation of satisfaction to be able to take a total information entry mess and turn it into a neat, neat and accurate set of accounts. Nevertheless with any service which adds some value it includes a monetary investment, and in my viewpoint, it's an investment worth making and unfortunately (hindsight being 20/20) one that would have been used more wisely in contracting a bookkeeper from the word go and not having a messy situation first of all. It?s no coincidence that once a business has engaged a pro bookkeeper and has easy to read profit & loss statements as well as a real understanding of how their money is being utilised , that these entrepreneurs become firm switches to employing a bookkeeper.

Think about a bookkeeper as you would an accountant. A bookkeeper will aid you with your business and will make your accountant?s job a lot easier.

You wouldn?t get your office aid to do your tax estimate for you, so why would you let them run blindfolded with the financial information that goes into it?

Contact a real Perth bookkeeper and get your book-keeping done professionally.

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