Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Youtube Upgrades Trueview Video Ads

By Hajj Isa

Another feature that has become a really efficient way to reach large audiences worldwide, and that is relatively inexpensive is TrueView. TrueView ads has been refined by Google, so that browsers aren't bamboozled with the amount of options provided. They intend to implement these new changes to TrueView this month. This is in efforts to simplify the purchase process for online buyers while providing advertisers a complete set of audience targeting options.

Before the rollout, Google made some small improvements to the system, such as removing in-slate ads from videos that were greater than ten minutes in length. As part of the TrueView rollout it reduced the number of ad formats that it offered to just two, merging the TrueView in-search ad option with its other old thumbnail ad option.

Under the new ad system, there are just two kinds of ads - TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display. The old in-search ads are considered to be a part of in-display, and will use the same creative assets. All advertisers have to do is tell Google where they want the ad to run, and what targeting options they want to use for it. Ads can be managed at the campaign level, so setting up multiple advertisements is not a lot of work.

In-display ads are charged based on cost-per-view, while in-stream ads are run as a pre-roll before normal videos. Advertisers will not be charged for their ad being shown if the user skips the ads within the first few seconds. Views are counted only if the user watches the ad in its entirety (for short ads) or for more than 30 seconds for longer ads.

The new and improved TrueView video system is now live and is available to all advertisers when they create video ad campaigns. Existing ad campaigns will be moved over to the new system starting from May 15th, and advertisers do not need to do anything for this to happen.

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