Saturday, May 3, 2014

Your Business Through The Eyes Of A Burglar: Business Security Tips

By Mark Mahaffey

Have you ever thought about how a burglar looks at your business? When you look at your business, it looks different than it does when a burglar sees it. In fact, it might surprise you to learn what he sees. Because there is so much crime in our country, it is shocking that so few people put forth the effort to make their businesses more secure.

But, for those who will do things differently in their business security, the risks of experiencing a break in can be reduces. It is worth any time and effort you put into it, because it could make the difference between being robbed or not. Would it not be worth it to spend some time and money if it helps keep you safe?

Burglars can be very smart. When they inspect your business, they are trying to figure out how difficult it would be to break into it. They do not want to expend much effort, because they want to do their dirty work as fast as possible. The faster they are, the less of a chance there is that they will get caught!

What about your landscaping? If there are large plants or trees outside your building, you are compromising your business security! A robber can climb a tree to get to upstairs windows, or he can get behind a big bush to stay out of sight of passers-by or police. Consider pruning your landscaping if it has grown out of control.

Another way to increase your businesses security is to consider whether your doors and windows have strong, working locks-and whether or not you actually make use of them. So many times, a crook is able to enter through an unlocked window or door. Just lock your doors and windows, and you may prevent a break-in!

Do you have light around the exterior of your business? If not, you should put some security lights up. Crooks like dark areas, and if you have plenty of light around your business, you may be able to discourage crooks from attempting to break into your business!

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