Sunday, May 11, 2014

What You Should Expect When Picking Preplanning A Funeral

By Esther Clark

Most cultures today embrace the birth of a baby, but a curtain of silence may still surround the end of a life. Even though that reaction is a completely understandable part of human nature, avoidance of making final plans places the responsibility on others, forcing them to make hard decisions under duress. Preplanning a funeral helps relieve that burden.

In many cases, preventing loved ones from having to make difficult decisions and endure added emotional stress is the primary reason behind detailed end-of-life planning. While those reasons are vitally important, there are other practical benefits that come from planning ahead, even for healthy young individuals.

Although many people have specific ideas regarding their own final service, those wishes may not be followed unless they are documented. Family members may have differing expectations, and concrete forethought makes those decisions simple. It is a financially and emotionally practical method of making sure final wishes will be honored.

Those who want to be sure that their instructions are followed closely usually work together with a experienced, reputable local funeral director. Formalizing their desires in writing not only makes difficult days less jarring, but can also help loved ones avoid making expensive mistakes. It also decreases disagreements among survivors.

Planning ahead with a funeral director requires careful consideration. Some services offer packages that do not require total payment until necessary, while others offer complete plans paid for in advance. Because state regulations vary, read all contracts carefully before signing, especially regarding the possibility of changes.

Everyone will inevitably face this event, and serious planning can never come too early. Having the forethought and consideration to make your preferences known ahead of time saves others from shouldering that responsibility. It also increases peace of mind with the knowledge that your preferences and desires are well documented.

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