Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Car Charger

By Johny Jacson

Choosing the right third-party charger for mobile devices is crucial, considering the amount of money invested in purchasing them. With news going around regarding mobile phones exploding while being charged causing personal and property damages, the charging device should be reliable and safe. For people who are always on the go, charging time should be as minimal as possible. And if more than one device can be powered up simultaneously, the better.

Has this scenario happened to you before? If not, then good for you. But if it has, then you are probably familiar with the awful feeling of not being able to answer a critical phone call.

Measuring only 1 inch (25 millimeters) in diameter with a length of 2.44 inches (62 millimeters) and weighing a meager 0.78 ounce (22 grams), the Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Charger is small, compact, and lightweight but is packed with a lot of features. It is very portable and easy to store around. This dual USB charger has a minimalistic but stylish design.

Incorporated with electronic components and contact spring mechanics that are vibration and shock resistant, this dual USB car charger stays firmly inside the cigarette lighter plug during those bumpy rides making sure that uninterrupted power is supplied to the devices being charged.

The charging LED indicator only lights up under good working conditions. The input voltage should be within the 10.5 to 18 volts range else. The Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Car Charger will automatically stop when it detects over voltage or current.

With this charger, you get to charge not one, but two of your devices at the same time. The charging is also done at full speed, which basically means you get less waiting time and less chances of missing anything important.

Optimal charging performance is achieved if the tablet is plugged in to the 2.1 Amps USB port and the mobile phone to the 1 Amp USB port of the Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Car Charger.

It also switches to minimal charging once devices are fully charged, and it stops altogether when over current or over voltage happens. Additionally, it has an anti-vibration and anti-shock feature that ensures continuous power transfer despite bumps on the road.

The Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Charger operates with full functionality even in harsh environmental conditions. Ambient temperature between -4 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity between 5 to 90 percent should not be a cause for worry. Vority took the effort in getting CE, FCC and RoHS certifications for this nifty charger.

The Vority DUO31CC Dual USB Car Charger has two USB ports so a couple devices can be charged at the same time. It's smart enough to automatically detect the voltage and current requirements. But for optimal performance, it is highly recommended to plug in the tablet to the 2.1 Amps USB port and the mobile phone to the 1 Amp USB port.

The DUO31CC Dual USB Charger is compatible with devices that are powered via USB 2.0 and 3.0. This means tablets, phablets, mobile phones, portable media players, cameras, GPS navigation systems, portable gaming devices that can be charged off a PC or Mac USB port will also be compatible with this dual USB car charger.

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