Thursday, May 1, 2014

Steps To Being A Professional Land Surveyor

By Tracie Knight

The physical earth is not all even land. It is composed of elevations lowlands that makes it hard to measure. We measure the earth for topographical reasons that are essential in map making. It is also important to measure the earth to know its precise dimensions and to pinpoint its exact boundaries. This is utilized to know exact detail of a property when purchasing a titled land. The act of measuring the earth is also known as land survey.

A land surveyor does surveying works for a lot of people. Construction and mining companies work closely with topography, and they will need someone who can measure up for them. Real estate agencies also require surveying services to determine boundaries of properties they are trying to market. An Alberta land surveyor can even work closely with the government.

To be a good surveyor one must have mathematical aptitude. This profession entails a clear understanding of the concepts underlying algebra, trigonometry, geometry, drafting and computers. Aside from an aptitude for math, you also need to have good organizational skills, come up with neat and precise presentations, and a good eyesight.

Since surveying can be quite strenuous, there are physical qualities that you must possess. First off, you must have good overall physical condition and stamina. In order to achieve this, you can perform exercise routines such as bends, stretches, squats and reaches. This is necessary because you will soon be required to work outdoors even in adverse weather conditions all year round in your chosen field of work.

Aside from the physical and intellectual abilities, to become a professional you should aim for a diploma. Choose a university that has good reputation because it will give you an edge when you enter the world of work. Take up land surveying. That, or become an engineer. You can also be enrolled in closely related fields like geomantics and spatial sciences.

You must complete a series of tests, the first one being the Fundamentals of survey. Once you pass this first test, you will be regarded as a surveying intern. There are many companies offering internship to fresh graduates, and those with good grades have better chances of being accepted.

The internship period varies on different states, some up to four long years. Apply for an internship that is closest to your interest since surveying can be quite broad. As an intern, you will be working under the supervision of a certified licensed professional who will evaluate your performances.

After your internship you will be required to take up another exam, which is the Practice and Surveying Exam. After you pass this one, the next examination is already the final licensure exams administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. You will need to review and prepare both mental and physical faculties in order to pass this one an obtain a license.

A professional who has just started makes about twenty thousand grand per year. If you continue to work hard and well to become an expert, your annual salary can rise up to thirty thousand dollars, maybe even more. Just be patient and do all that you can and you are already halfway there.

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