Sunday, May 4, 2014

Consider These 3 Points Initially Ahead Of Giving Up A Job

By George Dodson

With today's economic situation, a lot of people end up quitting their jobs to find another. Many people would agree that this would be the best choice if you feel that the job is no longer rewarding.

You start to question - is this really what I want? Is this my only option? Monday to Friday of exhausting work and then just have a breathe of fresh air during Saturdays and Sundays?

These thoughts can often lead to feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

However, these should not be the case. There are those which made a decision to quit their job and focused on running their own business or pursued a more meaningful employment or job.

Prior to actually resigning from your job it is important that you think through your reasons.

You need to ask yourself if this decision is brought about long term issues from working or just something that is just decided in a heated moment. Should you be having difficulties in achieving your goals in your job then it would be wise for you to resign.

You would also need a good understanding of your current situation. Be precise on the things that you do not like in your job. Would it be because you like to manage things on your own? Or could it be that you don't feel the respect from your colleagues? Or is it because you're doing something that you really don't want to do.

Moreover, you should not simply focus on what you are trying to leave behind. Know if your path will lead you to a better situation or state. Leaving a job which no longer help you attain your goals does not necessarily mean that you are heading for the right direction - leaving your job only aids the discomfort, pain or stress which you are feeling. Ask yourself if you need more leisure time. Do you like to take part in a company that provides you more authority or responsibility? Or perhaps little or no responsibility? A job where you can show your creativity? A complex reason? Be specific with what you want and what you would like to do in your life.

You should also have plan prior to leaving the job which you currently have. Before you act, think of the consequences. If you've come across a solid decision on where you'd rather be than in your job, be sure to plan a route which you can follow. You don't want to leave your job without a well thought out plan. Before leaving your job, look up new job openings which you want, find spaces for your business, write blogs, etc.

That plan of yours will back up your decision of having to quit your job. You will have a peace of mind once you know that you have a plan to follow after you leave your job. The plan will even boost your confidence and will help you look forward to better opportunities. You can then sign that resignation letter and hand it over to your company boss after setting up a plan - a plan of which can take you some place better where you are now.

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