Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Cybersecurity Trends In 2014 - Static To Proactive Monitoring

By Kamil Samara

Security threats are never going to go away. As technology for protecting computer systems and cloud-based data continues to advance, so also will the technology that will be able to infiltrate these locations. In the past, it was good enough to have a specific type of security software put into place that could handle most of the problems that might come your way.

Although these services are relatively new, they are slowly becoming more vulnerable to would-be hackers that are able to infiltrate their systems. As with anything, it all comes down to user names and passwords that are virtually undetectable, even using expensive and innovative hacking software. Let's look at how you can prevent cloud service provider hacks in 2014.

Managing Your Risks

As our ability to program more innovative intelligent software continues to grow, it also creates the ability for hackers to utilize this technology for ill intentions. They will be able to adapt to the changes that you make, allowing them to infiltrate computer systems much more easily. To combat this growth of technology and innovation, those that program protection systems need to also follow this trend.

If you can find information on the web about these companies, evaluate what you find, and make your decision based upon price and safety. There are a few tips you can use to prevent getting hacked, ones that will continue to work for many years to come.

Although this may be a few months, or even years, in the future, more than likely it is something that we need right now. Hopefully there will be innovative programmers that will create this IT risk management protection that can compensate for hackers on an almost real-time basis.

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