Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tips On Graffiti Removal Denver

By Eloise Hewitt

Graffiti is the writings or drawings that are illicitly scribbled, sprayed or scratched on walls and other surfaces in public areas. Failure to remove them quickly may be an indication that nobody cares about the area or property and this can encourage other crimes in the area. Areas that have graffiti experience negative effects like people feeling unsafe and property values declining.

Getting rid of street art within 24 hours after noticing it helps to prevent future illegal inscriptions. If they opt for immediate graffiti removal Denver inhabitants can indicate to vandals that someone cares about the property meaning that their illegal inscriptions may not be seen. Several methods are used to remove inscriptions from various surfaces.

When removing graffiti, it is essential to wear personal protective equipment like gloves and goggles and cover all exposed skin when removing drawings using any solvents or chemicals. Where possible, you should use non toxic chemicals and gentle methods of removal so that the surface will not get damaged. It is also important to read product labels and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

The best method of removing drawings that are on light painted surfaces is by repainting the whole surface using a dark color. Alternatively, you can paint the whole surface with a similar color to the one used on the inscriptions to avoid creating a patchwork or billboard effect on the wall. Testing a small area before starting to paint is important since this will let you know if the drawings will bleed through the paint. If this will happen, apply a sealer and then paint.

It is advisable to apply an anti graffiti protective coating on a painted surface. This coating prevents inscriptions from soaking into the surface and may deter the vandals. If the drawings have been scribbled or sprayed on an unpainted surface, you can remove them using a solvent remover or paint stripper. Wait for three to five minutes after applying the solvent remover on the drawings and then agitate them using a wire brush. You can then wash them away with water.

In some cases, inscriptions are scribbled or sprayed on glass surfaces. These drawings can be removed with a razor blade that is placed in a holder at an angle of 30 degrees. If some of these inscriptions cannot be successfully removed with a razor blade, find steel wool and water can be used to get rid of them. Paint thinners can also be used to remove such drawings.

If the graffiti on a glass surface are scribbled using a felt pen, you can remove them using mineral turpentine, liquid laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent. If the drawings are scratched into the glass, you need to contact a glass technician. Hiring the services of professional graffiti removal service providers is also wise. Professionals are able to remove illicit drawings without leaving any traces behind.

The experience that graffiti removers have allows them to eliminate inscriptions without leaving any traces. They utilize the ideal products and usually offer after sales service to make sure that the walls remain free from street art. Denver residents can install motion cameras on their properties to discourage people from scribbling drawings on them.

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