Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Literature About Romantic New Suspense Novels

By Eloise Hewitt

There is an inherent need in the female species that relies on romantic unsureness. Most people are done with the stereotypical hype of boy meets girl they fall in love and everything is happy ever after. When you have the norm featured in the new suspense novels along with the edge creeping in, you could enjoy your reading in a nice manner.

It is pretty much a done thing where women love to romanticize over even the blandest of surroundings. When you put an award winning poet together with a piece de resistance novel, you are in a place that is extremely surreal. There is more about the verse and verbosity that gets women sit up and take notice.

A romantic fiction novel has all the ingredients available. This is right from the couple who fall in love to a well woven tale of intrigue, unsureness and romance. There are the elements of black undertones in romantic unsureness fiction that weave their tales of mystery in the romantic and scenic grandeur of the book itself.

There are many readers who prefer something that does not have a dark side to it and hence the need to read a well written chick lit story. The need to stick to the old paradigm of keeping it sweet with chick lit gooey happy ever after boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily ever after works most of the time.

While one wants something different, one also wants real. Women fiction has evolved over time. Many individuals have various genres of storylines that tickles the taste buds of the ardent reader. When you add Mexico City to the narrative, you can bet top dollar that there are bound to be more readers buying the book. After all who would not want to get a smattering of the culture, cuisine and the good looks that the folk from the area are noted for.

The readers world has witnessed the creation of the Award winning Poet and the authors. They have a great contribution in changing the shape of the Romantic unsureness novel. These novel are in the craze of the teenage, women and the adult. All these award winning authors have the same contribution in the other literary genre like Chick lit, horror story and the supernatural romance. Chick lit, the renowned sub category of the romance novel is in much preference of the book lovers in compare to the other general romantic novel.

But it takes a certain type of writer to get the audience in rapped attention to want to know what is going to happen next. The run of the mill stuff, will never work. In todays day and age the average reader looks for something different. In fact, one can attribute to environmental change and the vast range of fiction available.

One can pick and choose a book either based on the genre or the author. Therefore, writers are bending over backwards in creating state of the art pieces to get as many likes as possible. Interacting with the audience through social networking sites makes the job easier to get into what people like to read.

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