Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Guide To The Firefighter Entry Level Exam

By Essie Osborn

A lot of girls and boys when they are young dream of being a firefighter. It is often one of those dream jobs, up there with being an astronaut or a superstar athlete. However over the years some people still have that desire to help people. If you are keen to make this dream come true then you will have to study and prepare to pass the firefighter entry level exam.

The exam has been adjusted over the years in order to ensure that anyone taking the test has an equal chance of passing it. The idea is that the candidate taking the test is best suited to the job. This does not mean you have to be aware of fire fighting. It is more about your individual skills.

It needs to be emphasised that the exam is not about your knowledge of firefighting. It is more about gauging skills involved with firefighting. The theoretical side can be just as important as the practical and the right mindset can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

The exam is a multiple choice test. When taking the test you can only mark one answer and mark it clearly, filling in the bubble to clearly show your answer. Do not writer in more than one answer as you will be marked down. The test takes two hours with around 113 questions. If you do not know the answer it is better to think through and guess in order to give yourself the best chance of a higher grade.

One element is testing your mental arithmetic skills. In the exam you will not be able to use a calculator. This is appropriate because in an emergency situation you will not have access to a calculator in order to judge the right angle to place a ladder and so forth.

The exam is multiple choice. When looking at the paper remember to read it carefully. You have to check to ensure that the answers match up with the question. Remember you can only mark one answer and the bubble needs to be fully darkened to indicate your answer.

Mechanical awareness is about knowing how much things weigh, move and so forth. This is vital when learning how to handle equipment. For example it is about knowing how quickly something pours or how much pressure a material can handle. As with a lot of the information involved with fire fighting it is about being able to absorb this information and use it as quickly as possible.

There are various places where you can sit the test. It is important to check the rules and to obey any instructions you are given before you start the exam. Use your regular search engine to find out more about instruction courses and exams in your local area as well as more advice on getting a career as a fire fighter in your local area and any further study that you may wish to do before you begin working professionally. In short with the right approach you will be able to pass the entry level exam and prepare yourself for an exciting and potentially rewarding career as a firefighter.

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