Monday, April 28, 2014

Guidelines On Passing The Fire Department Promotional Exams

By Eloise Hewitt

For fire fighters, tests are always a part of their lives. From the entrance exam they usually take to proficiency tests throughout their experience, exams are essential for them to prove their knowledge in various aspects. Also when such professionals are seeking a promotion as career advancement, they also have to sit for the fire department promotional exams.

This promotional exam is very competitive and only those individuals who have prepared well can have the confidence of acing it. Passing this exam will mean that a person gets into a list of probable candidates qualified to getting a promotion. But passing is one thing and getting a good score is another. Even though passing will get an individual onto the eligibility list, scoring a good mark will put an individual well in front of others and therefore the person increases his or her chances of getting that promotion.

To succeed in this examination, one ought to have high self discipline, and keep away friends and even family disturbances to concentrate well in studying for the test. A lot of people fail this test due to lack of concentration and last minute rush. It is almost impossible to understand a bulk of information crammed at the last minute.

An individual should therefore make sure to start his preparation early. This means that study materials must be found early from libraries, fire departments, online sources among other areas. While studying these materials, one should ensure to make his own short notes. This way it will be easy to go through every chapter rather than reading the original material again. Since the individual will be working as well as reading, the person must make sure to use any free time for studying.

Apart from making short notes, the person must ensure to derive questions from every topic captured. The derived questions should then be done after the individual finishes reading a topic. After one has covered all chapters and answered all derived questions, the individual should re read the short notes again to ensue the information is reinforced.

After answering all questions, the person should go back through the short notes, review the notes plus also the questions and answers. This is to ensure all one has read sticks in the head. It is also advisable that one does all practice questions in a study material or found in online sites. Practice tests expose the strong areas in the individual as well as those areas which need further study.

To ensure that points stick well in the brain and also to clear explanation of certain topics, a person should get into a study group. A study group is a simpler way of reinforcing points and tackling topics again and again easily. One should however ensure to study first on his own before getting into a group.

Having a good study plan and preparing well will ensure a person has confidence to face the exam. During the exam, the individual should ensure to read questions carefully and understand them well as well as the choices. After which the individual picks the right choice.

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