Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Essential Documents When Applying For A Pan Card

By Wanda Rosner

A PAN card is a crucial document when purchasing or selling immovable property, automobiles, depositing money to post office account savings, applying for a credit card in banks among others. It is also essential when paying for overseas trips, restaurant and hotel bills or phone installation bills. The card is usually unique and cannot be applied more than one time hence to ensure no one breaks this law, the tax department board requires applicants to submit certain documents.

A photo is one of the primary documents needed when submitting an application for a pan card. The tax department advises applicants to submit a 3.5 by 2.5 centimeters photo that is clearly visible. Candidates are encouraged to make sure they attach the photograph exactly into the given space.

Copies of matriculation or school leaving certificates are other essential documents. In case you lack these two documents, you can attach copies of any other certificates that were issued by a recognized education organization. The use of these documents is to help the tax department proof the education levels of the applicants.

People applying for the permanent account number should also affix a copy of their landline telephone bill, broadband connection bill, electricity bill or consumer connection bill cards. They may also have to affix a copy of their credit card statement, depository account statement or bank account statement. These documents would be used to proof the address you have given in the application form.

Candidates would also be needed to submit a copy of their birth certificate attached to the application form. The tax department requests candidates to make sure their certificates were obtained from a Municipal Authority or other offices that have the mandate to offer birth certificates. In case you do not have a birth certificate, you may as well attach copies of your domicile certificate, marriage certificate or perhaps driving license.

You would also have to give a copy of your ration card or elector photo card that has your photograph. It is also advisable to attach a photo identity card that has been issued by a legal body. With these documents, the tax department would easily be able to proof your identity to ensure that they issue the card to the right person.

Other essential details that should be shown within the application form are your signature. The tax department specifies that the applicant should not put any other signature other than the left thumbprint. This signature is important to help the tax department avoid cases in which people would have to buy more than one card. This is because they will keep the information ensuring you would never try to apply another card.

Candidates will also be needed to pay a certain fee that would facilitate the processing of the pan card. The income tax department requires candidates to pay via a demand draft, charge card, internet banking, cheque or bankcard. In addition to the payment, it is advisable to mention the acknowledgement number on the backside of the demand draft or cheque.

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