Sunday, March 2, 2014

What To Do When You Fire An Employee

By Maryl Joop

Firing an employee is never an easy task, no matter what the circumstances. Even if the employee in question has behaved in a manner that clearly calls for termination, the act of doing so can still be difficult. No matter the reason, firing an employee is an unpleasant act that needs to be handled carefully, not just for the sake of the employee, but also for the rest of the workforce. If you've ever wondered how to properly terminate an employee, read over these tips.

Understand their skills

Managers are usually issued company instructions for dealing with management-related situations, including the firing of an employee. The most important thing you can do is to follow these protocols exactly. Sometimes the situation may prompt you to wonder if you should go about the firing in a different way, but keep in mind that you are a manager first, and you must perform the action of firing as the company intended. Make sure you alert security personnel and complete all necessary paperwork when an employee is fired. If it is not covered in your company's termination policy, ensure that the firing happens during lunch or once most employees have left for the day.

Plan for the Loss in Personnel

For example, when one understands that the above tasks and duties are being outsourced to them by the property owner then that person or company will be able to take the actions necessary to satisfy their client the property owner. Knowing that the property owner does not want to deal with the details of their property, which is why they outsourced the duties in the first place, allows property managers to offer great customer service to their property owning clients by taking the stress out of property ownership through dealing directly with the day to day operations of maintaining a successful property.

Even more important than the skills that your future employee will have, is their all-around character. Are they honest? Will they be responsible and reliable? How do you measure this? Many employers will check their resume and see what they have done in the past and will ask them specific questions to find out as much as they can about the nature of the applicant.

Recruit a Replacement

When you look at the applicant what do you see? This is something that you need to ask yourself. Do you see this applicant as a future manager or specialist in the field you are trying to fill? Do you see them taking responsibility and being as invested in the company as you are? What you see is not just your imagination. We all have intuition and if you see something don't just let it go but be willing to trust it. Know there is always risk

Take extra care in reviewing resumes and applications of potential hires, looking for someone that will succeed where his or her predecessor fell short. Use applicant screening software if available. Once you have determined a couple of your top choices, set up times to interview them before deciding who will get the job.

Firing an employee is never pleasant, but it is a part of the job as a manager. As long as you go about it in the right way, you'll have the knowledge that your actions are helping the company to become more successful.

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