Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bob Jain Credit Suisse & The Idea Of Legitimacy

By Robert Sutter

The importance that is connected to Bob Jain Credit Suisse is, in my mind, one of the greatest aspects to consider about this level of work. Banking, in general, should be secure and I believe that this can be seen in a number of ways. Legitimacy should be seen and I have to believe that this will be able to be seen regardless of whether a bank is seen or not. There are a couple of points to consider if you want to differentiate fake bills from legitimate ones.

During my time in retail, cashiers were told to utilize counterfeit detector pens for every $20 bill or higher that we were given. The way that it would work is that a counterfeit mark would appear as black on a bill whereas your standard bill would be left with a yellow one. However, since many workers did not understand that the caps had to stay on or else they would become dried, the pens were replaced with smaller machines. These were able to scan the bills manually.

These types of methods are more rooted in various levels of technology, which is an idea that Bob Jain Credit Suisse exercises as well. Of course, there are ways that the human eye can pick up on counterfeit bills and names along the lines of Jain can tell you all about them. Maybe it's a matter of the portrait of a bill not being nearly as prominent. In the case of a false bill, said portrait may appear to be flatter and it doesn't exactly stand out as well from the background.

Another sign to consider has to do with the border on the bill. If you were to look at a legitimate bill, chances are that you would see that said border is clean, as it is able to connect and isn't broken. It looks rather clean, which is something that may not be said about a counterfeit bill. Here, it seems as though the lines are more blurred and they aren't as easy to make out, meaning that this is yet another sign that the human eye can pick up on.

Bob Jain Credit Suisse understands the importance of working hard when it comes to banking that is made secure. I believe that various aspects can help in this regard and I think that legitimacy is one of the most vital. Of course, you may not always have a bank to help you out, meaning that you have to take care of such matters on your own. If it is something along the lines of determining the legitimacy of a dollar bill, though, you can be certain that it will be done.

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