Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ways To Increase Response Rate On Webpage

By Yussef Smith

Web page owners always want to find different methods that will help them increase response rates on their webpage. Knowing the best approach and technique can sometimes be very challenging. This is why I will be discussing the different methods to increase the rate easily.

One of the first ways of increasing your response rate is by making sure you are targeting the market. As an owner you want to make sure you pick a specific age market and then specifically target towards them. What you need to do is do research on your target market looking for ways to attract them to your webpage.

When it comes to the actual survey itself, there are two things you need to consider are the design and the questions itself. Keep your survey forms clean and short, preferably one question on one page. Again, make your questions interesting and relevant.

Lastly, another method you can use is to make your webpage exciting. Do not make your site dull and boring, this will make people not want to return. Choose images that represent the target you are trying to attract.

3. Make It Easy For People To Comment: If you are just starting out and you are not so popular yet, make it easy for people to comment on your blog. Don't install all kinds of spam filtering plugins. If people have to solve complicated maths problems in order to leave a comment, they are more likely not to do so, unless you are really popular in your niche.

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