Saturday, March 29, 2014

How To Keep Loved Ones Safe With Voice Activated Products For Seniors

By Erica Holms

Seniors who want to live alone must take steps to make sure they are safe and secure. Loved ones will often worry about the safety of someone who refuses to move into an assisted living facility. For those people who want freedom and peace of mind, there are a variety of voice activated products for seniors that will help. Caregivers can rest assured that the senior can get help quickly if there ever is an accident. These devices can all be activated by simple voice commands and do not require the user to struggle with tiny controls that are nearly impossible to manipulate. All it takes is a voice command and the device will do the rest automatically.

A number of senior products are designed to improve communication. A phone that responds to the voice is convenient for people who have arthritis and find it difficult to push the number buttons on a traditional telephone. Frequently called numbers are programmed into the phone and when a command is given, the phone automatically dials the desired number. Consumers will also find answering machines that work the same way. The machine will play, store and delete messages with a simple verbal command. Some of these machines will even give the time of day when prompted.

People living alone can benefit from a variety of senior electronics. Alarm clocks can be tricky to set and operate because the controls are so tiny. Purchasing a model that responds to the voice eliminates that problem. The user does not even have to touch the clock to make it work. The unit will respond to any voice and there will be no question that the time is right. The alarm is set exactly the same way. Just tell the clock what to do and it will take care of the rest. There will no longer be a worry about missing appointments or medication.

The benefits that come with using senior talking products are numerous. Many seniors hate the thought of becoming dependent on others but the most important thing to address is safety. Even in the event of a fall, someone with a voice activated phone can call for help quickly.

There are so many senior aids and products available. Today's technology does allow you to keep your loved one safe and allows the senior in your life to keep their freedom as well.

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