Friday, March 14, 2014

Some Guaranteed Safe Investments Tips For Your Cash

By Danny Younes

There are of course many ways of keeping your money without having to worry about losing it. Stocks have always given people a challenge at many times. This is why people are looking for other safe investments to make sure their monies are secure.

There is the savings account which you may opt to adapt to. With this, you have the freedom of depositing your money at your own convenience. You can also withdraw up to a certain level in a month. The better part is that there is interest to be earned and you could be getting some real goodies if you save more. You register for an account and have your password for managing it such that it is only you who is authorized to carry out withdrawal transactions.

You can get a fixed rate bond as savings bond. The fixed rate pays guarantee interest of thirty years. If it is inflation fixed, then know that the interest rate is bound to change very six months.

An individual or investor has the option of getting back your bond after a year or so. In cases when you see inflation rising, this possibility will confirm to you that you don't actually have to worry much. As long as you make the correct choice, you can get some real good money.

You may opt for the Treasury bond as well and still get to enjoy all the benefits. These are long term investments where the maturity date stands at thirty years. The reason why you can get good value for your money is because they have an interest pay period of six months interval.

The Treasury bill is also available on short term basis. This could be ideal for the people who need some quick money for pressing issues. It cannot go beyond one year before these securities mature. You get to choose from four week bill to thirteen week and even up to fifty two for that matter. You therefore get many options here to fulfil your desires. Here is where you can find the most affordable investment even though you don't get interests.

You may also use a certificate of deposit especially if you are giving a down payment for either a house or a car. It gives you the opportunity to save enough money and purchase whatever you deem fit by the end of the chosen years. The only problem is that these tend to pay high interest rates as compared to the others. The positive side is that you can get this in the shortest term possible. This will however depend on what you intend to buy and the kind of savings you throw in there.

Getting the perfect investment may not be so easy especially if you are not good at investment plan ideas. You can get help from other consultants who know the most safest investments that you can go for. Checking on investment sites can also add some light to your thought and help a great deal. What you need to know is that these investments vary and so, the purpose you intend it for is what should be the driving force in trying out these investment schemes.

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