Tuesday, March 25, 2014

European Organics & The Work Of Philippe Van Den Bossche

By Rob Sutter

At this point, I would be surprised if there are still those who do not understand why organic farming is done. It is seen as one of the most important processes to consider and I'd like to think that Philippe van den Bossche will be able to understand it to the greatest of degrees as well. That being said, what are some of the most vital aspects tied to Europe, you may wonder? You may be shocked to see that there are still various locations which have not fully comprehended the matter.

According to Times of Malta, it seems as though this particular European country has not fully embraced the idea of organic farming, which is one of the focuses of Philippe van den Bossche. Names along the lines of Philippe know that, without these crops, healthy eating is not going to be seen nearly as much as it should be. A European Commission publication said that, in 2011, only 0.2 percent of Maltese land was able to produce organic crops. This point is, at least to me, concerning.

There were steps taken in terms of cultivation, though, so do not believe that work has not been done. The article said that even though there were steps taken, the situation since 2007 has been left largely unchanged. There were only 20 hectares added to help organics come about, with three more being seen since 2011 as well. There are so many benefits to consider as far as organic growth is concerned and the many points associated with it should be looked into. Which points are the most important, you may wonder?

Organic crops are not going to be riddled with pesticides, which is a great point to consider. In addition, keep in mind that there is a focus on local interaction when it comes to how these crops are able to move from farmers to consumers. In fact, the idea of local business should be one that is kept in mind by many a farmer. After all, this is where the best business is seen by growers and consumers will be given some of the most ideal crops, too.

I believe that Philippe van den Bossche understands how well organics will be able to come into effect in the long term. However, the idea of them being seen in every area of the world is something that may be a bit tougher to support. These crops are useful, which goes without saying, and they should be taken in by everyone, regardless of where they live. With so many benefits to be had over conventional fruits and vegetables, no one should overlook how great they can prove to be.

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