Sunday, March 16, 2014

Residential Roofing Replacement Tips Offered By Chester County Roofing Contractors

By Clayton Maske

If there is damage from windstorms in the area, a high number of property owners will be looking for Roofing Contractors in Chester County. In some cases only one portion of a roof may be damaged. Or, the whole roof might have to be replaced.

Good advertising alone does not confirm that a contractor is reliable. A trained roofer has experience and skills. In addition to carpentry skills, he needs good balance.

Before a roof is added to a new house under construction, a waterproof substrate is applied. Over that shingles or another material are added. Some of the choices for materials are asphalt shingles, slate and corrugated metal.

The corrugated metal is preferable to plastic due to lower cost. The plastic, however, may be more attractive. A drawback to using metal is that it is quite noisy during a rainstorm.

The style of a building determines the type of roof that is most appropriate. Other considerations include extra strength metal ties being used for reinforcement in an area where strong winds are likely. A flat roof is inappropriate except in arid regions.

A slate roof is considered a luxury. A metal roof is low cost and easy to maintain. Asphalt shingles are made in all price ranges and in a variety of colors.

Replacing a roof requires first removing all the existing shingles. Any roofing contractor who suggests adding a third layer over one or two others, is not giving good advice. It may eliminate the cost of a tear off, but will cause too much weight to rest on the rafters.

This is an important caveat for that reason. Many areas impose zoning restrictions that prohibit a third later of shingles. Even where it is not legally impermissible, it is still inadvisable.

It costs a great deal to repair or replace the roof on any house. Usually there is a long-term guarantee on both work and materials. A good contractor will take pride in his finished product.

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