Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips On Online Christian Ebook Self Publishing Platform

By Luisa Sharpe

An e-book can be defined as an electronic form of printed journal that are only accessible through electronic devices such as smart phones, computers. Mostly, they are availed in the internet for free while some at certain prices depending on the publisher intention of publishing it which is either making money or empowering readers. Online christian eBook self publishing platform is basically the idea of producing ones book without the help of other parties, whereby one just writes and avails it to the readers.

Here, the author of a book is responsible for the designing of the book and also other issues like determine how much the book will cost. With the moving times, the Christian community from all over the world is adopting this upcoming technology and now the authors can put their books on the internet for e-readers to access them and read them.

The online Christian e-book self-publishing platforms are specifically created for the Christian authors. These online eBooks platforms make it easier, and more so cheaper; hence, possible for authors to publish their books. One of these platforms used as applications in smart phones and these other electronic gadgets is the Vyrso Android application.

One of the advantages of using this platform is the fact that Christians can seek bible references from these books since most of them contain biblical stories and are written for the purpose of spreading the gospel to both Christians and non-Christians. Given that most of these platforms are availed for free, most content availed is usually free whereby e-readers can access them at no fee.

The first advantage of the online platforms is that they reduce the overall expenses that are incurred if the book was to be printed or distributed around to readers. Christians from all corners of the globe can access them without going all the way to the book stores to purchase these books. Also, through these platforms, a greater range of audience is reached as Christians from all walks of life can access the books from anyplace in the world and this goes a long way in spreading the biblical gospel.

In addition to that, the books by the authors can be accessed by future generations for many years to come. Most authors prefer the online mode because it can be accessed at any place at any time by the readers. This is in contrast with the printed mode because some of the books may be lost by the readers and in the bookshops they may become outdated and be out of market as the years go by.

There are also some disadvantages that accompany these Christian online self-publishing platforms. First, despite the fact that these books can be accessed by a variety of people from all over the world; there are still some people who do not have access to these electronic devices. This is majorly the case in the developing countries which are not financially stable hence this becomes a limitation is they cannot access the books online.

Last but not least, the use of the advanced technology has brought to rise piracy as more people are able to access these materials whereby some of them use them to steal ideas and use them as their own. However, it has been evident over the past few years how the technology has made stride in making things easier; hence, this mode of publication should be encouraged.

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