Saturday, March 1, 2014

Useful Advice For Getting More Likes On Facebook

By Mollie Burton

Many business owners use social media effectively to promote their products and services. One of the major advantages of these services is they provide free advertising, and help to keep your brand visible. A crucial aspect of tapping into the power of social media is harnessing the 'like' - getting more likes on Facebook means appearing to be both popular and trusted, and this in turn attracts more customers and/or clients. Here is how to increase the number of thumbs up your business profile receives.

It may seem obvious, but ensuring that your business' profile is complete is important for ensuring that it is liked. If you give useful information about your product or services, and you include a gallery of appealing images, subscribers will have a reason to keep returning to the page.

Harnessing your existing network of business as well as personal contacts is a crucial way of gaining likes for your profile, especially if you run a start-up and do not yet have widespread visibility. It is easy to request that friends like your page, and mutual support between businesses is a good way of tapping into your network.

If you have an online store or a website outlining your services, integrating social plug-ins is essential. Existing customers or clients who use your website to find contact details or make purchases can like your page or individual products via a recognizable Facebook button.

An additional way to gain likes for your profile at no cost is to conduct a contest - people from all walks of life love to receive free things. You can run a competition whereby the person whose share receives the most likes will win a prize, or the conditions of the competition can be different. Just make sure that you keep in line with Facebook's requirements for promotions.

It is smart to only publish captivating, upbeat content on your public page. A torrent of posts that are barely relevant to the nature of your products or services will only confuse people. A combination of entertaining updates and brief news updates will keep subscribers entertained and informed.

In addition to ensuring that all content on your profile is engaging, you must also make sure that your feed remains active. At least one update per day is necessary if you want your business profile to remain visible in people's feeds, and content that is interesting or exciting enough to be liked will further maintain your visibility.

Setting up your personal business page might be free, but there are additional ways to use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool. Pay-per-click ads are easy to set up, and thanks to the social media platform's access to a broad range of data, you can easily tailor your advertising so that it appears to people who are likely to fall within your target demographic. An appealing ad is likely to convert to a number of clicks and new subscribers to your profile.

A large part of improving the performance of your social media presence is analyzing the response to the information you put out. See which kinds of posts get the most enthusiastic response, and adjust your approach accordingly. With time, it should be easy to post updates and contests that will grab the attention of viewers and encourage shares, and this in turn will expand your visibility on the platform.

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