Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Work Of An Annuity Advisor

By Jaclyn Hurley

There are different experts who help people plan on their expenses and the incomes they get. An annuity advisor offers a couple of finance solutions to different people. These experts are entrusted with the role of planning for investments, annuities and some future cash flows. The experts also offer solutions relating to the structuring of different types of taxes and mortgages. This is normally done step-wise. The process is focused of making the clients make sound financial decisions and eventually boost the confidence in dealing with personal finances.

The industry in which one operates in largely determines the solutions that are to be offered. There are very many differences in the level of taxation and the mortgage expenditures. In some industries, people can bundle their mortgage expenditures to reduce on the taxes due. In other industries, this practice is not allowed by the laws.

Annuities are very unique cash flows that various groups of people can enjoy. This happens especially in cases where the cash flows are in form of benefits the persons in question. The payments are received periodically. Some of the payments can be made in the form of one-off item. Special discount rates are used to determine the total amounts of cash flows. Expenses can also be paid out in form of cash flows.

Annuities can be traded for pensions. In this case, an annuity is seen as product which on trades and exchanges for pensions. This happens where the persons in question have to make certain contributions in terms of premiums. The premiums are paid into the contributions or some special bank accounts that have been set up for pensions. In some cases, this payment could be one-time also.

Endowment contracts are special arrangements between an insurance organization and their clients. This arrangement requires the clients to pay up the required premiums for a specified period. There are whole endowments which require the clients to contribute the premiums for the entire life. After their death the benefits are transferred to beneficiaries. Other contracts could be partial life. Only after the payments after the specified period will the clients enjoy the benefits.

Investment involves sinking some funds into different ventures. The ventures in question could private or public businesses. These business ventures have a certain amount of risk involved. This means that the investors sink their resources according to the risk appetite. The returns from such investments are proportional to the risk in question.

Taxation structuring in various industries is very complicated. Taxable persons are grouped according to the amount of money they are earning. This means that there are various classes of the taxable persons. The taxation and annuity experts help these persons to draft and formulate various schemes of taxes. Most of these focus on the reduction of tax burden.

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