Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Island Marketing & Why Teens Are Avoiding Facebook

By Robert Sutter

Websites are, in many cases, going to fluctuate depending on a number of aspects. With various rises and falls that are going to be seen, I have to believe that it is the falls that are able to gain more attention, which is fair to assume. Speaking of which, it seems as though more focus has been brought to the idea of Facebook, in particular how teenagers are not using it as much. With the work of Long Island marketing in mind, why is it that such usage has gone down?

CNNMoney went into detail about this subject and it seems as though it is one that Facebook has actually admitted to. The report went into detail about David Ebersman, who is the Facebook financial chief officer, and how he stated that teenage usage has gone down during the quarter. Keep in mind that the overall usage of the site has been kept at a normal pace, so there is no fear to be had on a greater scale. However, the idea of teenagers not utilizing Facebook as much these days is something that may be chalked up to a number of things that those in Long Island marketing can cite.

One of the reasons for this, at least in my opinion, has to do with the presence of parents on the site. Keep in mind that, early on, Facebook was seen as a college experiment that would be able to link students of Harvard together before spreading to areas of Boston. Nowadays, it has become such a mogul that just about anyone and their mother - quite literally, at times - have used it. When teenagers use it as a platform to vent, it goes without saying that they may have to pick their words more carefully.

To me, there is something to be said about the litany of websites that have proven themselves to be more visual by comparison. A couple of examples of this have got to be Instagram or Pinterest, both of which are newer compared to Facebook, which is something that those in Long Island marketing will be able to attest to. What about Tumblr, which has grown by leaps and bounds as such as graphically inclined platform as well? Teens have choices and firms such as fishbat can cite this, too.

Facebook does not seem to be in any danger of becoming irrelevant, which is something that probably goes without saying. In fact, I believe that this is one of the steadiest platforms out there in terms of social media in general and I do not think that anyone will be able to say differently. That being said, it is clear that teenagers have put this site to use less and less, especially with newer sites coming about. To me, this can create competition in order to attain such individuals again.

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