Sunday, March 9, 2014

Information On Troubleshooting Printing Machines

By Miguel Rivera

Printing equipment are known to cause problems when you least expect it. However this does not always have to be the case. An individual who is ready to take care of his printer and properly maintain it will ensure that it does not cause too many problems. He will however need to be in a position to troubleshoot the common problems that may arise.

When a machine does not turn on even after pressing the power button, this will be an indication that something is not right with the connecting cable. Check the connection on both ends. A loose connection may make it impossible for a device to transmit the necessary energy.

Paper jams are often experienced by many using printers. When a paper ham occurs, an individual is advised not to try and force the paper out. This is because attempting to do so could damage the roller. Instead, make sure that any paper being placed in to the device is not folded in any way.

Printers may from time to time provide an error message in the form of an alarm or a beep. Where the error message is produced, read the error message displayed on the LCD screen. Many errors will be accompanied by an instruction on how to proceed. You could also make yourself familiar with the most common types of problems that may occur.

At times, your computer may be unable to communicate with your printer. This is a problem that could be occasioned by many factors. It may be caused by the lack of drivers or drivers that have not been installed properly.

Whenever a print out shows a problem in the alignment of colors, check the printer properties to confirm that they are okay. The properties may be accessed through the control panel. Go to the control panel and check the properties for each connected device so as to troubleshoot it.

Poor color quality is another problem that will be noticed in a print out. Where this problem has been noticed, check whether the cartridge has enough ink. If attempting to print images, be sure to check that the source has high quality photos before checking the cartridge. These are common problems that may arise.

Another common problem that may be experienced is where a printer returns a blank page after sending a command. This can be fixed by checking whether the content was blank or not. You should also check the status of your cartridge. Another solution would be to confirm whether the process was interrupted in any way.

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