Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where To Buy The Vority Duo34Ac USB Wall Charger?

By Johny Jacson

The Vority dual USB wall charger certainly took this year's most talked-about accessory award. While USB wall chargers are becoming usual nowadays, Vority has created its own version with much more precision and quality, taking into consideration the many disadvantages of those who've bought their competitors' products, as if they're swearing to everybody that no one - ever - would feel the pain of owning a bad charger again.

Gone are the days when all your gadgets have separate wall chargers. The dual USB wall charger has an innovative design having two USB ports which allow you to charge your gadgets individually or two at the same time. This new and innovative charger has a slim and chic look with a soft blue LED light.

The said Vority charger port will not in any way share its current with the similarly powerful secondary USB port capped at 1 amp, which can quickly and efficiently charge devices with smaller batteries such as smartphones and GPS trackers. By having only one dual USB wall charger to replenish two devices' batteries, the user would also find it convenient to only look for a single socket - ideal for those who work in public places other than their offices.

The dual USB wall charger has two USB hubs each with different current outputs. One USB port is made for devices that require

Travellers who have limited access to electricity can also make use of a dual USB wall charger, especially to those who frequent stores with pay-per-hour-of-charge service. For instance, a camper can concurrently charge both his GPS tracking device, as well as his laptop for recording work findings, and not pay twice the price!

Some electronic stores may have stocks of the Vority dual charger. Potential buyers must bring their gadgets so that they can test the product on-the-spot. As of now, there are only a few units left, as the response towards it has been overwhelmingly positive. Certainly, stocks will be replenished soon enough, but the electronic stores may have some test units available.

Aside from your local stores, the Vority dual wall charger may be purchased via Amazon, which should ship the charger for free provided that it will be purchased with other items, all cumulatively priced for at least $25. This of course is a more convenient way, as Amazon delivers their products quickly and right to their customers' doors.

Another amazing feature that the Vority dual USB wall charger possesses is its compatibility with almost every gadget you can think of. The fact that the USB cables are detachable makes it very easy to charge any device providing its USB cable.

It is strongly recommended, however, that the product be tested first before purchase as eBay doesn't really guarantee their products' warranties. Though the Vority dual charger is a highly durable product, it still pays to be safe.

In conclusion, the Vority dual USB wall charger is the prime option because first, it saves you so much space. Second, it provides a current of 2.4 amperes which has unequaled charging speed. Third, it is short circuit proof which makes one's charging experience hazard free. Lastly, it can charge any gadget one can think of. This charger will simplify one's life. It will be worth every single penny. It is the best and most handy charger there is!

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