Monday, June 9, 2014

What Are The New Facebook Trends For T-Shirt Designs For 2014?

By Ben Khatib

T-shirt trends reflect what people are thinking about and talking about, so there is a real cultural movement involved here. Last years T-styles just aren't going to make the grade, so here are some of the new trends that are emerging for 2014.

The fame of Grumpy Cat has made people realize the meme's are important. A idea or concept that spreads from person to person withing a culture is important to people and that's why Grumpy has had success. The themes are short and to the point, and very amusing, so as long as people have memes, there will be meme's tee shirts.

Tee shirts that are one color are trending again, and perhaps it is because it is less expensive to produce these, but they are coming back. Sports tees are usually one color, and perhaps it produces of feeling of nostalgia that brings us back to earlier days.

The world of games is always a big topic and that is going to have a big emphasis. The classic tees that pertain to specific games will rule the day as followers adhere to telling everyone about the games that they are playing. Niches and cool art and statements are still going to be around for awhile. Manipulation of photos are still all the rage, where a photo gets manipulated to actually be something else. They are usually original photos with clever text to make a point.

It will be interesting to see the varieties of tees that spring forth to enlighten the world with all their splendor this coming summer.

One color designs take us back to the original days when sports teams all had a one color statement with the team logo or design being the prominent focal point. For screen printing, this is a more inexpensive way of doing things, but it is probably the nostalgia of yesteryear that has something to do with this trend as well. In 2013 chalkboard art was big with its hand-drawn look and its ability to draw attention. Craft-drawn text is in and catchy in its look and will command a large share of the market for the coming year for sure.

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