Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Necessary How You Can Earn Friends on Your Work Environment

By George Dodson

As we leave home for work, we start to understand that work actually becomes our second home. Work also requires a lot of time as the time spent with family and there are those that spend more time at work because they don't have much choice. If you're spending a lot of time at work then you'll have greater chances of being stressed instead of course if you have stress relievers at work such as friends. There may probably be people trying to ignore the thought of having friends at work however it may prove to be very beneficial.

Friends at work or within your working environment will provide you with an extra hand should have too much work to finish in a day or in a limited time. In addition, friends at work can give you healthy criticisms about your performance thus making you more competitive and more productive. Friends in the office can also come in handy should you be in emotional. Lastly, friends in the office as well as on other places can inspire you to do more and to be more. The question however is, how do you earn this good friends at your workplace? Listed below are the things you need to bear in mind to effectively make friends from people at your work place.

Make a good first impression

This probably the oldest advise in the book when trying to make people remember your name or who you are. You need to provide your best performance within your first impression to be able to reap the benefits of having a real friend. As soon as you give that good first impression, you'll be drawing people's attention over to you thus making them want to know more and be with you.

As you are introduced to every co-worker, be sure to remember their names or if not their positions in the workplace. This will increase your confidence toward communicating with them.

Join lunch groups

Lunch breaks are a perfect opportunity to initiate your task. As soon as you get an opportunity to go with a lunch group do not hesitate as these opportunities will not come very often. This is a good time to make friends as lunch breaks would enable the workers to do anything they want and talk about anything they would want to talk about. With this, you can get to know people along with the things you have in common such as hobbies, likes, work routines, and many more.

Open mindedness

Not all people at work will like your or will be comfortable with talking or being friends with you. For this, a good amount of open mindedness would be essential. Open mindedness in this situations will allow you acceptance of your situation as well as formulation of a plan for those people who dislike you to like you. Your being open minded not only helps you deal with making friends but can also show others how you can work with a team.

Do not rush

The last component of making friends effectively is that you should take your time. A real friend is not someone you can find within a day. However, it shouldn't take you about a year to actually make one. Making friends happens naturally and when it does it lasts a lifetime.

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