Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Distinction Between Draft Beer Systems

By Sally Delacruz

It is a common tradition of people to drink especially on occasions. That is why during celebrations, you would really find beer on the table. It is very seldom that they go missing since like wine, they have been considered the life of the party in this generation. But aside from the fun it accompanies, this favorite drink actually have many uses.

So if you are having a restaurant and bar business, you must not really miss out beer in your stock. Basically, aside from softdrinks, this is the most popular liquor ever wanted by people. But contrary to the bottled ones often sold, you can make a better profit if you use the tap. This is very common in Huntersville, NC. Most bars really have draft beer systems.

You might wonder what the point is in preferring to install a tap rather than selling bottled ones instead. The reason behind this is because the bottled ones have undergone a lot of processes already and for such, they have already lost their flavor and freshness. Unlike that of the beer which comes from the tap itself and this is what people really like about tap beer.

So if you want to have more people coming to your store, then you can try installing a tap system. For sure, once people get to taste your drinks, they will keep coming back for more. Not long after this, you would find your business booming since your customers will become your regular customers. Not to mention, the visitors that discover your good drinks will recommend your drinks to their friends.

So, there are basically three common types of system used to serve draft beer in commercial areas. These three have their own differences but they do not change how the liquor tastes. So here are the three systems and their description. You will also know how they function and when to use them best. This way, you can discern which one to use on certain occasions.

First, you have the direct draw. This one makes use of a cooling unit in order to maintain the coolness of the drink. Its kegs are situated five meters away from the faucet so it does not eat up a big space. However, it can only accommodate a few kegs. This system is very much appropriate for gatherings and parties held outside of the bar since it can be placed in portable bus to cater services.

While with the second one which is the air cooled system, the casks are placed twenty five feet away from the faucet. With this, it can accommodate more casks than the previous one so it practically requires a larger space. Its cooling procedure uses the walk in coolers and a fan to circulate the cold are into the pipes so it requires more energy.

The third one is the glycol cooled system. Glycol is actually a kind of cooler. This system is what most of the big bars make use of. This is because this one practically requires a bigger space and with that, it can accommodate more kegs than the air cooled. With this, you can house more casks than the air cooled does.

So in choosing which system to use for your business, consider first the situation of your store. Your success will depend on your discernment. However, you must not only discern which of the three to use. Most of all, you should know how to run them especially with regard to cleanliness.

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