Friday, June 6, 2014

Ritz Carlton Boston Residences Overview

By Sally Delacruz

Boston is a fine city, full of history and culture that is a magical destination for millions of tourists. For those lucky enough to call it home, there are many choices for where to live. From the famous brownstones to large family homes, there is something for everyone, including the luxurious Ritz Carlton Boston residences.

The Ritz residences is a new concept that marries the amenities of a hotel with the advantages of having a condo that you actually own. It's almost like living in a hotel all year, but much more affordable since you have a mortgage rather than a daily fee. Like a Ritz hotel room, the residences are luxurious and have fantastic views. Some face the famous Boston Harbor, while others overlook the Back Bay.

In addition to a great view that many people in Beantown would love to have, there are lots of amenities that you would usually only get if you stayed at the Ritz. If you are into your health, you can work out in the gym, located right in the building, or grab a drink at the martini bar and socialize with your neighbors. There is also a movie theater and several shops just an elevator ride away, making it a convenient place to live, especially in the dead of winter when you might want to stay home on occasion.

If you do want to get out of the building, you can find a wealth of things to do just a few blocks away. The building is close to the Opera House and many world class restaurants such as SIP and Legal Seafood. If you don't want to walk or perhaps need to go to another part of town, a valet attendant will gladly bring your car to you, and will happily park the car for you again upon your return.

The hotel amenities of these spacious condos don't stop at valet service or a gym. You can also get a staff maid to clean up your condo while you are out, so you can come home to a clean, fresh house. If you forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner or just are too tired to cook, you can select a meal off the room service menu and have it delivered right to your door, just like at the Ritz.

These amenities are all wonderful for when you are at home, but what you if travel a lot for business or just want to take a needed vacation? The privileges of living in these condos follow you around the globe, because you can get discounts at any Ritz Carlton hotel anywhere in the world.

The residences sold out very quickly, and there is no longer a sales team on the site. However, a broker can still sell you one of these fine condos should one go up for sale, so it is still possible to get one.

If you want luxury and amenities that you can find in a hotel, the Ritz Carleton condos may be just the ticket for you. It's an experience unlike any other in all of Boston, and maybe the country.

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