Saturday, September 28, 2013

Subsea Assets: What Are They For Anyway?

By Robbie Wilderson

Many of us are not very familiar with the term subsea assets just like most of us have little idea about the life that is going on beneath the ocean. Through such technology and equipment, man is able to explore the unfamiliar marine environment; it gives us the chance to study an alien world, help us gather valuable resources from the ocean floor and help us build structures for generating energy.

Many previously unexplored areas of the ocean are now known thanks to the help of subsea technology. New marine species are also being discovered because of the equipment and technology used. It is through these assets that we gain a connection to this alien world and explore it in a way that won't disturb the natural balance of life there.

You will find that a lot of documentaries about the ocean are filmed with the help of submersible equipments. Many equipment used here are state-of-the-art cameras and filming equipment, as well as submarine vessels that allow for safe exploration of the ocean depths. Sonar is a very popular subsea technology used in locating objects in the ocean floor.

Subsea assets are also very valuable for the oil and gas industry. This is what they use to find oil and gas fields in an underwater environment. It is through the different submersible technology and equipment which allows the exploration, drilling, and processing of oil and gas. People who work in oil rigs and other offshore facilities are able to do things more efficiently and quickly because of such technology.

The development of gas and oil fields greatly requires the use of subsea technology in order to ensure that operations are carried out safely and efficiently. Offshore oil rigs will have to rely on such technology and equipment to ensure that marine life is protected during drilling and development activities for gas and oil.

Offshore wind farms and underwater mining industries also won't be able to go anywhere without the help of subsea assets. Through such technology, offshore wind farms are able to install and maintain their transmission cables and electrical facilities. In underwater mining, many mineral samples are gathered from the ocean floor with the help of equipment such as ROV's (remotely operated vehicles).

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