Sunday, September 29, 2013

Car Hauler Careers: Ways You Can Get One

By George Dodson

A decent job these days are hard to find and many people are actually looking for one in every place they can. If you are not that choosy with regards to jobs then you will probably land with one anytime soon. If you enjoy driving, you might consider being a car hauler. So what does a car hauler do?

Some people want their cars move from their location to somewhere else. There are those that are just too lazy to drive their own cars because the trip can take too long. For this, people look for car haulers to take their vehicle to any point or location they would want. Some cars may come from auctions which is to be delivered elsewhere. Car dealers at the same time would require someone to bring their sold cars to their customers place. Being a car hauler would be easy for you if you have the skills as well as the tools and equipment for it.

So how can you engage in this sort of business?

Most companies that want transport, require that you have a Class A CDL, and at least one year hauling experience, or least two years of over the road driving. Since they merely don't want any damage or problems with their package, employers would simply look for qualified candidates.

Of course, the right equipment is also something that you will need. You can simply use bigger trucks or trailers for bigger number of vehicles to be hauled. For instance, the Ford F 450 can haul up to 24,500 pounds. This total weight is actually the weight of three cars. Likewise, you can also opt for the Dodge RAM 3500 which is the common hauler truck in the US.

You're going to need a quality trailer. That trailer should have at least three axles, and your choice of either a gooseneck hitch or a fifth wheel. That hitch needs to be rated to tow at least 24,000 pounds.

You need to consider the type of hauling you're going to do. For those who are experienced in the said field, they would advice covering no more than 500 miles of track. If you drive for greater distance then you'll surely just be stressing yourself.

So what is the usual pay for such job? You can make close to $300 per car, if you haul three cars. That $900 minus your expenses will leave you somewhere between 100 and $200 gross for about 8 to 9 hours driving.

You may also want to shop around for the best insurance with the lowest rate.

Before heading straight into work, be sure to have thought about your clients. This will involve a lot of different methods. Among those ways is to look up for car hauling jobs online at US

Lastly, you always need to think of your safety and everyone else around you. Observe traffic rules and make sure to follow them always. Since you'll be carrying a heavy load, you'll be traveling a longer distance. Also, keep in mind when changing lanes, that turning is more difficult when hauling a large trailer.

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