Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some Technologies Utilized In Security Alarm Monitoring Services

By Roy Van Rivero

Alarm monitoring systems are an important security measure that every building or facility should implement. It can save lives of people who are working within as well as of those from the immediate environs, from any untoward incidents. Having said that, it is also important to note that one must not only install an alarm system just to fulfill building requirements; he must sees to it that the system has passed the industry standards and has been proven to be effective in addressing several types of security threat - whether it is nature's strike or man-made.

So, if you own a facility or building, it makes sense that you have enough knowledge about the latest technologies used for alarm monitoring - systems that are being used by a number of security alarm monitoring service providers. This way, you can choose which technology can work best for the type of facility you have.

To give you some general insights about security alarm systems that are being used by a number of alarm monitoring service providers for their customers today, I thought sharing the following - the common technologies - is a good idea:

Video monitoring system - is a great help for many types of building or establishment most especially if your manpower is limited to watch over your whole facility. Security cameras for video surveillance system help eliminate false alarm dispatches from authorities; visual data can help for necessary action to specific situation or condition. Whether a situation or emergency is authentic - video footage can tell.

Fire alarm system - this is another yet important technology that should be installed in every building/facility as part of security alarm monitoring system as fire-related accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities involving both natural and man-made calamities. Fire alarm monitoring service providers usually include other components such as fire suppression and sprinkler monitoring as well as safety notification protocol. (Some popular brands: SimplexGrinnell; Cerberus PRO; Ajax Chubb Varel(TM))

Water detection system - as waters can also be a potential cause of accident inside a facility, it is a wise decision to install such system as well. Be aware that water damage ranks second as the leading cause of business operation interruptions - just next to power outage. If you buy a water detection system in the market today, you will find some popular brands like Honeywell, FloodMaster.

Elevator monitoring system - in some cases, it is overlooked by facilities yet it is important as well as part of overall monitoring system, helping to provide additional safety for both clients and employees and for the facility itself. (Some popular brands: Lift-Net(R); Memcom)

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