Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tips On Going On A Working Holiday Abroad

By Chase Crawford

Are you interested in working in another country but do not have all the money to fund your stay there? Then why not consider going on a working holiday? It is basically this: you will get a job there and just pay for your expenses through your salary. Sounds simple? Yes, but there are some things that you should still keep in mind.

One great job opportunity would be to work in a resort. For instance, if you are a skilled skier, then you can apply for a ski instructor position in a ski resort. Or if you have experience working in the hospitality business, particularly in a resort set up, then you will find a position in a similar style resort that you would know how to do. The great thing with this is although you are working there, you are earning enough money to finance your expenses should you decide to move to another city in whatever country you are in.

So what is it like on a Japan working holiday? For one thing, depending on the country there might be differences in working hours. For instance, if you are used to working from 8am to 5pm, in other countries it can be longer than that or even shorter. And you have to consider the nature of your job. If you are an instructor, chances are you will only work for as long as you have a student. So if your student just paid for a two-hour class and you have no other students for the day, then most likely that's just how long you will be working for the day.

Now let us talk about your salary. In first world nations, you can expect for a very good salary. However, you should expect that in any other place, your salary would depend on your experience and your skills pertaining to that job that you want. Another thing that you should be very careful with is when you sign your job contract. You should make sure that the salary you have agreed on is stated clearly in that contract. You should also clarify everything about taxes. Whether you are the one who will have to pay them or if taxes are automatically deducted from your pay.

What about accommodations? Should you expect your employer to provide you with one? It really depends on your employer and often they are not obligated to find you your own place to stay. However, if you will be given one, you should not expect that you will have the whole room to yourself. It is common practice to house a number of employees in just one place, even some sharing a room. This saves the resort (the employer) a lot of money. But do not worry because these accommodations are generally clean, well-kept, and full furnished. Of course you can always opt to find your own place which would be better if you want your own privacy.

And finally learn all that you can about the country you are going to. It would be a good idea to learn their language so you will not have a hard time communicating with the locals. You should also study their culture and tradition and working in that country is your best chance to do that.

Going on a working holiday in another country is no doubt filled with fun and excitement. Aside from that, you will be having the great opportunity of immersing yourself in that foreign culture as you work and play together with the people. This includes Japan jobs for foreigners. All of these while you are still being paid to be there.

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