Friday, March 25, 2011

Silver.Ag: Forms Of Anklet Jewelry

By Jan Pavlik

Foot jewelry has been in fashion for centuries in Egypt, the Middle East, and India, wherein the most common type of jewelry is the anklet. Also known as an ankle bracelet or ankle chain, these ornaments have become more and more fashionable in the Western world as well.

Anklets have many different forms, and they are usually available as flexible designs and inflexible designs. Both designs are quite popular as these are sometimes accessorized with various semiprecious stones or different types of patterns for the chains, sometimes even additional chains that join onto toe rings for added effect. Some of the less pricey anklets are simply well designed beads sewn together for a totally different style, whereas some of the higher priced anklets can be formed from gold or silver.

The inflexible type of ankle bracelet is a simple, flat metal sheet that holds together well in terms of durability, yet can be quite unattractive if not tastefully designed or ornamented with stones or chains. These anklets look more like ankle cuffs, a counterpart of the wrist cuffs, and some also come in bangle forms with simple chain, also known as the slave anklet.

The anklets that follow the flexible design are the most commonly fashionable, as makers of these can be a little more creative playing with chains and charms as well as semiprecious or precious stones to attract attention. Some of these flexible anklets can be so intricately combined that they almost look like the cuff-like inflexible ones as they are a combination of chains almost knitted together into a solid pattern.

Traditionally, anklets are accented with little bells that give off a tinkling sound, giving them a sexual connotation as they attract one's attention to the wearer. In the Western world, they are usually worn with revealing summer outfits and pretty sandals depending on preference, as sometimes these can also be worn for formal occasions to accent a simple, pretty black dress and pumps.

These unique jewelry pieces have become popular as they accent the legs in feet, which are commonly not accessorized. Whether they are plain or ornamented, anklets always serve their purpose of drawing attention mainly because of their uncommon location.

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