Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brother PT-80 P-Touch Electronic Labeling System: Smart Choice For Labeling Machines

By Samuell Logabriello

These days, many electronics are made to support different needs, either personal or maybe professional. One of those useful electronic devices is Brother PT-80 P-touch Electronic Labeling System. It is a great one among various labeling machines that are offered by Brother that will be perfect to match different requirements either it is professional or personal needs. Whether you are planning to label some products sold in your store or simply label your personal property, you could rely on this excellent product that is provided by Brother.

Now let us take a look closer at some beneficial features you can find in this product. First, there is a feature of one-touch button that can help you to add information just like time and date on your label. Furthermore, you will also have 71 symbols to be your preference so the information might be displayed on your label beautifully and more customized design. Five auto formats and five framing can also be found to make your label more pleasing.

The Brother PT-80, compared with other kinds of labeling machines provided by Brother, it offers a lot of beneficial things. You could have this product without wasting too much money with the inexpensive price. In addition, you will also get higher efficiency with the handheld design offered by this product. You do not need to provide enormous space to set or to keep this product. Just hold it in your palm and use it.

You can also be happy that this Brother PT-80 may also print the tapes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Just use your creative thinking and make the best design for your label by using the feature of nine distinct text styles such as vertical, italic, and even bold. It could be able to print 1 or 2 lines of written text in sharp color with added text framing and also underlining. Supported with clear and easy-to-view 12-character LCD monitor, you could make your own layout of label easily.

The QWERTY typewriter given in this product also allows you to easily type your name or any other information you need to write on your label. You can always make it perfect for any kind of labeling for crafting, for school projects of your children, or possibly financial management.

What about the speed of printing as well as the resolution? Do not worry. This is one of some labeling machines offered by Brother that comes with higher speed and also resolution. It prints label in 7.5 mm/second and the resolution that is proposed by this device is 230 dpi. Those features enable you to get the label that you will need in beautiful and professional look without spending too much time.

So, are you interested to the Brother PT-80? Then you just need to take a look at some reliable stores near your home, and you could find it there with some other equipment in different types and also models. Just take it home and enjoy the efficiency in labeling everything you wish.

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